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Language is the key to the success of your international business. Effective collaboration begins with close communication and good language skills. That's why hundreds of companies around the world trust us for our communication skills training. We understand the benefits of communicating in the other person's mother tongue and offer comprehensive training programs to enhance your team's communication abilities.

Why language training?

Language training is essential for companies and their employees, improving communication and cultural understanding while opening doors to global markets, attracting new customers, and boosting profits

In today’s global economy, communicating with customers and international partners in their native language gives you the competitive edge to achieve more successful business outcomes.
Good working knowledge of the local language can speed up entry to market by up to 75%.
The Economist – Competing across borders How cultural and communication barriers affect business
Your customers are much more likely to connect with your brand and become loyal to you when you are culturally-aware and serve them in their mother tongue.
1.3% increase or decrease in Customer Satisfaction scores results in 0.5% increase or decrease in sales.
Harvard Business Review - The Employee-Customer- Profit Chain
Sharing a common language results in clearer communication as well as higher productivity & collaboration across regional & international offices.
Participants believe that better cross border communication improves profit (88%) and revenue (89%).
The Economist - Competing across borders How cultural and communication barriers affect business
Developing leadership & talent through language prepares your company for the future, and helps you maintain employee satisfaction & retention. It is also perceived as one of the most desirable benefits offered by companies.
58% percent of workers say they are more likely to remain with their current company thanks to employer-provided language training.
IDG Research Services
The building blocks of quality

Personalized, human, flexible,with guaranteed ROI

HUMAN certified teachers
to achieve learning goals

Mastering a foreign language requires consistent study and commitment. Our native teachers guide learners through each step, helping them achieve their goals.
The very best teachers: our professional native teachers are chosen based on their experience, online teaching skills & qualifications
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to fit your time

Busy schedule? No problem! Designed to fit each of your employee’s schedule, level and ambitions, mYngle courses let them study at their convenience.
The highest flexibility: taking into account contingency time and a good work-life balance. Talk with us and we will make it fit your needs.
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to maximize returns

mYngle clients stay with us for long, because our training courses bring the desired results. We provide all the tools, analytics and services for you to check up on your investment.
Maximized ROl: our Account Managers will assist you on a regular basis, and make any necessary adjustments to maximize your ROI.
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Did you know ?

The quality of our training is proven by the loyalty of our clients. Our first corporate client is still with us after more than 10 years.

Corporate language and intercultural skills training designed around your organization

Language lies at the heart of international business activities
Journal of International Business Studies

You choose the price

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Wide range of courses tailored to individual needs

Rarely does one-size-fits-all work in language learning. Thus, no two courses are the same. We tailor programs based on industry, job responsibilities, and communication skills after assessing personal goals.

Language Courses

45 language courses

offered across all skill levels. All our courses are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).
General Language
— From A0-C2
Business Language
— From A0-C2
— Languages in Use


Focus on particular needs

of the language, such as Pronunciation and Accent Training, Exam Preparation, Writing, Conversation & Fluency.
Language Skills
— Pronunciation
— Writing
— Conversation
— Cultural awareness
Cultural Awareness
— Expats
— Spouses & partners
Exam Preparation
— TestDaf, CILS, etc.

Top Language Courses

Business, Functional and Industry specific programs,

including corporate vocabulary or specific skills sets such as presentations, meetings, negotiation.
Business Communications
— Meeting, phone, emails
— Presentations & public speaking
— Negotiations
— Technology
— Finance
— Pharma, etc
— Marketing, sales
— Finance
— HR
— Management

Unsure which solution to choose?

We can create a personalized solution, within the budget that you’d like to invest.

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Different learning solutions -
choose the one that fits you best

mYngle helps companies overcome linguistic barriers with a flexible multichannel approach, advanced technology, and top trainers.

Live online one-on-one lessons

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Live online group lessons

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Blended learning one-on-one and group
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E-learning stand alone
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Unsure which solution to choose? We can create a personalized solution, within the budget that you'd like to invest.

Different virtual environments -
choose the one that fits you best

The best virtual classroom depends on your needs, learners’ preferences, and the tech infrastructure of your company.
We incorporated all the most widely used virtual classrooms, so that you can freely choose the ones that suit your team the best.
We offer all solutions, so that technology will be a seamless experience for all your employees.


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